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Hey. Can I apply for Jounouchi?

Hey. I see you don't have a Jounouchi. I have a journal for him and I'm wondering if I could get a place.

Please reply. ^^
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As I was a part of yuugiou_rp, I'm familiar with your lack of updates or only updating with quizzes, as well as your poor roleplay style. Although it seems you've apologized for your outburst upon being "replaced", I still need some convincing that your style has improved.

Do you roleplay in the third person now? And how about Jou's background for this RP, as it does take place in the future and some creativity is involved? I don't mean to accuse you of anything, but, as far as past experience with your style and behaviour goes, I'm going to be wary.
Sorry 'bout before. I know I was wrong to do that but... -sigh- You don't have to let me play him.

I just wanted another chance. I know i'm not that good as Jounouchi.., I lack experiance. But, I promise, this time the post will be worthwhile and not full of quizzes.

-sigh- I should just leave now.
I'm not saying you can't play him. I'm merely saying that you have to put a little effort in. So long as you can try and roleplay properly, everything should be fine. Just know that the stunts you pulled before aren't the way to go.

I'll let you play Jou, then, so long as you try. Just know that any repeats of what happened at yuugiou_rp won't be tolerated here.

Oh, and credit your icons. :)
I do credit my icons. I made it.

..well thanks, I can try, just need tips thats all.
I meant the other two. But even the first should probably be credited for the fanart you used...

Just do your best, we'll try and help you out, eh? :)
So I'm in? O___O;

Oh.. -is suprised that dawnsshadow let me in- Ohhh... okay.. O___O;;