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Okioki... After a gazillion-million years of thinkin', I decided I wa~~~nt~ *pathetic oneperson-drumroll*

Varon :D ze aussie x3

Who woulda' thought :o? Newho, can I~~~~? :) I'll get a pretty journal 'n all that jazz, so~o... yeeeeeaaah :3 Pinky swear.

[EDIT:] not_so_stable Ph34r... x3 I made the varon journal before I was accepted, because I was bored. Ner. :3 Bow.
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:D Dey-san~ *tackleglomp* Hi~ <3

*gapes at Varon's broken arm*
*tackleglomped* Yo, MC-chan~~~ :D *cling*

*pets Varon* ToT ...But doesn't he just look so adorable with that cute little sling? I wanna sign his cast <3
*clings back* ^o^

:D He does <33 Sign big~!
*hugglesnugglelovecling* <3

Yesh :3 *waits for doctor to put an actual cast on him* :D
^-^ <3~ *huggleglomphuggle*

:D Yeah~~ What's he holding?

He's holding something...? :o *is merely slow and didn't notice after a gazillion-trillion hours of staring* ...My computer's just THAT icky lookin' :/

:/ Ach. I'm sorry *petpet* My comp can't really show it that well either. All I know is that it's red *_*

*petpetted* ...I think that's his little wrist-guard thingy... :3
*stuffedinjarFOREVERx.X* *suffocation*

:D Oh... I see... ^-^ Yay for Varon's wristguard~ <3
Yep, it ish. xD;
*releases o.O*

Not that it did much for him... x3 ... *pokes his broken arm* xP
*is released* *breathes* ^o^

*shrug* It prevented him from... Breaking his wrist? :D?
*small hug* I'm sorry ;o

...Yay! :D *hugs his wrist*
*hug back* S'okay. ;)

*pulls out shiny metallic sharpie* SIGN IT!~
:D Yay

^o^ It's so shiny! *doodles all over Varon's arm/wrist/ect* :)


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