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It's finally partay time~ *shot for slowness*

Bakura scrubbed down the bartop for what must have been the millionth time. The ring and pendants on chains about his neck jangled together at the motion, and he smiled faintly, touching them lightly. He tossed the rag down, glancing around with a light frown. The guests for his little Battle City reunion would be arriving, hopefully, within the hour, so he'd closed down the club early and spent the time cleaning, straightening and arranging.

There were more chairs out than usual, food, drink, and the place was actually well lit for once. Most of the alcohol had been put away except for the amount for the guests, and everything was looking altogether more homey than a nightclub probably should have looked. Well, aside from the dance music in the background that had been, for once, turned down a bit. He twisted the chains between his fingers.

He remembered all too well the impression he'd left on Battle City, and he figured he might as well keep up a better appearance this time around. He leaned against the bar, going over the checklist in his mind to make sure there was nothing else. Deciding it was enough, he moved to flop down on one of the couches he'd pulled out, rubbing his forehead. He was suddenly feeling a bit lonely in the big, normally busy club, and he hoped people started showing up soon...

((I know, I know, I'm a bad bad person for waiting so long. ^^; If anyone's still alive...reply? ♥))
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