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There's More to Life than Duel Monsters, After All

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Welcome to Beyond the Game, a Yu-Gi-Oh! role-playing community set seven years after the series, when most of the group are in their early twenties. As this is a very new community, there is no set plot as yet, simply the basic settings. Members are allowed to do what they will within the parameters of the setting and develop their own little role-plays. Maybe in the future I'll post some ideas for actual plotlines, but for now, just have fun!

To avoid a lot of confusion, only canon characters will be allowed. If you wish to play a certain character, check the list to see that he or she isn't claimed, then join and post to the group requesting the character. Please have a character journal ready first, though.

A few basic rules:

1. Properly written, coherent posts. You need to display a good grasp of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all of that. No netspeak, please, unless you're writing as your character (in first person as opposed to third), and it fits the situation.

2. Keep IC and OOC separate. I won't tolerate people bringing OOC fights into the game. If you do, you'll first be warned, then banned.

3. Respect the other players. That's pretty self-explanatory, right? Treat others like you would like to be trated.

4. This community is yaoi- and yuri-friendly. See, I italicized, bolded, and underlined that just to make sure you noticed. That means if you aren't comfortable with hot guys getting it on with hot guys or pretty girls getting it on with pretty girls, this isn't the community for you.

5. Along with the yaoi- and yuri-friendliness, this community is most definitely rated NC-17 for potential violent, bloody, sexual, or in-general-squicky situations. If this makes you uncomfortable, this is not the community for you.

6. Most important, have fun! That's what we're here for, right?

Pretty simple, right? So take a look at the characters list and go ahead and join!

The Setting:
Seven years in the future, Yuugi Mutou and his friends have grown into their twenties and gone their own ways to pursue their own lives. Even the Yamis now have their own lives; thanks to an ancient magic combined with modern technology, real bodies were created for the spirits and their souls transferred into them, making the bodies flesh and blood, and they were allowed to go out and make their own ways in the world, for good or ill...

There is more to life than the game...

The Characters:
Yami no Yuugi: divine_prince
Mutou Yuugi: gemini_spirit
Jonouchi Katsuya:
Mazaki Anzu: manhatten_baby
Honda Hiroto:
Bakura Ryou: white_hikari
Yami no Bakura: shadowed_past_
Kaiba Seto: aloof_ceo
Kaiba Mokuba: _mokuba_
Kaiba Noa: digital_child
Malik Ishtar: malik_kun_
Yami no Malik: manicmasquerade
Isis Ishtar: aset_san
Otogi Ryuuji: bastard_of_die
Kujaku Mai:
Kawai Shizuka: satinlaceddream
Rishid: undyingloyalty
Varon: not_so_stable
Siegfried von Schraider: 1337_siegfried
Rebecca Hopkins: __prodigy

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